A studio for records & performance.



Niles City Sound was founded in Fort Worth, Texas, by Josh Block, Austin Jenkins and Chris Vivion.

The native Texans who make up Niles City are seasoned musicians, producers and engineers with a fondness for old gear and big sounds. In 2014 they recorded and produced "Coming Home", the Grammy-nominated debut longplayer from Leon Bridges.


Niles City is a studio defined by limitation.

From its spacious single tracking room to the vintage recording gear it favors, Niles City could easily be seen as nostalgist or antiquated.

By purposefully limiting mechanical and technological integration into the art of recording, and committing to live performance, tracking and production, we offer a commanding and inherently musical alternative to the contemporary recording studio landscape.


To capture, cultivate and shape performances with the utmost care and attention to the individual creativity, humanity and nuance they possess is the guiding principle of the Niles City Sound.

By expertly balancing these principles with the modern standard of recorded deliverable audio, Niles City Studio reaches beyond the limits of current recording techniques to utilize and facilitate a creative, interactive, and personalized experience for the artist.


The technological advances and mechanical processing found in most recording environments are contrary to the human emotions that inform our lives. Niles City firmly believes that these emotions are what compels and connects us to melody, song and musical recordings. And that to dismantle or fabricate these elements in either performance or recording robs both artist and listener of what grants music it's power, spirit and efficacy. And ultimately, marginalizes what gives a song life.

We are producers, musicians, technicians and engineers that encrouage performance and excellence.